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Microsoft Shakes Up Its Board, Boosts Its Dividend 11%

September 17, 2014 in News, TechCrunch

microsoft sway Microsoft has announced two coming board departures, two board additions, and a boost to its dividend. Leaving the board are Dave Marquardt and Dina Dublon. Marquardt is best known for his work in venture capital, and Dublon for her work at JPMorgan Chase. Taking their places are the appointed Teri List-Stoll from Kraft and Charles Scharf of Visa. Read More

Cozy Makes Its Rental Management Service Free

September 17, 2014 in News, TechCrunch

Cozy rental software Cozy, a Google Ventures-backed service that make the rental process easier for landlords and tenants, has made its current feature set available to all clients for free. In a blog post, Cozy CEO Gino Zahnd says that making these features free will bring in a wider audience for products set for launch in Q4 2014. Read More

Apple’s iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Cases Offer Comfort And Light Protection With Few Concessions

September 17, 2014 in News, TechCrunch

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases Apple launched both its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus today, and along with the new smartphones it also debuted new cases for each. The follow the simple precedent Apple set out when it created the iPhone 5s leather cases: simple, solid color designs that are thin and have no moving parts, yet offer a degree of additional protection to the fit and finish of your devices. The new cases for… Read More

SwiftKey’s Predictive Keyboard App Is A Free Download On iOS

September 17, 2014 in News, TechCrunch

press-F-5s Rejoice, long-time iOS users, for you can finally throw off the shackles of the native Apple keyboard — cursing its erratic autocorrect habits for (hopefully) the last time — as you download a third party keyboard adventure of your choice, including Android veteran SwiftKey, which is releasing its first system-wide keyboard software app on iOS as a free download. Read More

iPhone 6 Plus Review: The First Truly Well-Designed Big Smartphone

September 17, 2014 in News, TechCrunch

iphone-6-plus-front-hand Apple is launching not one, but two premium smartphones today, and the iPhone 6 Plus is the one many probably were skeptical even existed just a few short months ago. With a screen size measuring 5.5-inches across the diagonal, it’s well into the territory labeled “phablet” on the ancient sea charts of mariners who’ve braved the Android waters. However, Apple’s… Read More

iOS 8 Review: Refinements And Relaxed Limitations Add Up For A Better Experience

September 17, 2014 in News, TechCrunch

iphone-6-display Apple’s iOS 8 is arriving tomorrow, and while it isn’t as overtly dramatic a change as iOS 7 was last year, it’s still a big update with lots of new features and tweaks. Using it on the new iPhone 6 hardware revealed lots to love in the new mobile OS from Apple, some easing of restrictions that could lead to big advantages for third-party apps, and a lot of potential to… Read More

iPhone 6 Review: Meet The New Best Smartphone

September 17, 2014 in News, TechCrunch

iphone-6-front-hand Apple has two new iPhones debuting today, including the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is the heir apparent to the flagship line of Apple smartphones, as it comes in at the same price point as the iPhone 5s, but Apple has done something new this year by introducing a premium priced iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 is still plenty premium, however, and its 4.7-inch screen is likely going to be a better fit… Read More

iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Review: Bigger and Better, But Still Your Old iPhone

September 17, 2014 in Fast Company, News

Apples new phones go where many an Android model has gone before them, without losing their soul.

Years ago, it became clear that the smartphone wars would consist of an epic battle between Apple's iPhone and a bevy of models based on Google's Android. What wasn't immediately obvious was that the two camps would persist in having radically different stances on how large a smartphone should be.

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Site that mocks tech companies for fancy, expensive offices moves into fancy, expensive office

September 16, 2014 in News, Pando Daily

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 4.41.46 PM

Gawker, the web’s most hypocritical media company, has long realized that a good way to get commenters riled up is to point to the excesses of Silicon Valley companies and their fancy office spaces.

Just last week they ran a feature titled “Foreign Tourists Stunned By Luxurious Startup Offices

One of the highlights of the tour was Heroku’s office, a hosting and code-management startup that was picked up by Salesforce for $250 million. Its exposed brick walls, in-office amphitheater, and kitchen amply stocked by the company’s “wellness guru” left one foreign founder “kind of in shock.”

The piece is just the latest example of Gawker’s distain for costly tech real estate, following similar snark about the offices of Uber, Github and Facebook.

And it’s not just tech companies: Back in July, Gawker took aim at a New York “Apartment Building With Separate Entrance for Poor People” — the scandal there being that the building had two separate lobbies for two different classes of tenant.

In fairness, that last story does seem kinda gross. Do any tenants really think themselves so important that they need to be protected from the rest of the building’s inhabitants?  How fucking elitist would you have to be?

Which brings me to — I know you saw this coming a mile off — this story in the New York Observer, pointed out by author Ryan Holiday:

“We will be moving out of the walk-up Nolita loft space that has been our home since 2008. Earlier today, we signed a lease for three floors of 114 Fifth Avenue,” Gawker owner Nick Denton wrote in a staff memo that will go out this afternoon. Gawker Media signed a 15-year lease on three floors of the building, with plans to sublet one floor for the time being.

Gawker will have its own entrance on 17th Street, which means that employees won’t be subjected to a corporate lobby. “Can you imagine Hamilton Nolan putting up with that shit?” Mr. Denton asked the Observer.

According to Commercial Observer, Gawker’s new HQ (artist’s impression above, from the building’s website) was acquired by Lubert-Adler for $165 million in 2013. The asking rent for Gawker’s 58,900 square foot space is reported as $78 per square foot (58,900 x $78 = $4,594,200.)

Other recent arrivals to the building include Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, current employer of former Gawker editor John Cook.

Paul Carr

Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

Content-Marketing Lessons From 4 Successful Kickstarter Campaigns

September 16, 2014 in Entrepreneur Magazine, News

To successfully raise funds for a project, follow the steps taken during these funded efforts.